Courses and Workshops

Not only delivering the best photography service, Ading Attamimi also help every DSLR user in Jakarta, Melbourne, Interstate even International to get involve deeper with photography and the aim is to bring you to the higher level of photography.

From understanding exposure triangle; ISO, aperture and shutter speed, metering the lights, learning composition, framing and deep understanding about filters for landscape photography and strobes/flash for portraiture and even up to editing process with photography softwares. All materials are explained with simple and easy to understand photography language.

With very simple language Ading will teach you every steps in photography and he will make sure you have a deep understanding with every materials. Courses available for everyone whether you are a business professionals, college students, employees or even kids and housewives from all levels and backgrounds. please check our testimonial page from our satisfied clients. So book your sessions today and don’t hesitate to contact me for further informations.