I was searching for a photographer to help me improve my landscape photography and came across Ading on Instagram. His work is really inspiring so it was an easy decision to book a private workshop. The session was really informative, he explained things in a way that was really easy to understand and I managed to capture some great shots on the night! Can't wait to book in for another workshop!

Angela Gore    Melbourne, Australia   

I have had a few personalized sessions with Ading as I was keen to learn landscape photography - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Ading is a consummate professional in his dealings with people and did not hold back on sharing his knowledge with me! After a few lessons, I felt comfortable shooting in manual and haven’t looked back! High recommend Ading!

Rachel Breier    Melbourne, Australia    Website   

I first saw Ading's photos via Instagram and was an admirer for a very long time. At the time all I had was my iPhone and editing apps, which are a great start but I knew I wanted to learn more about photography and editing. The day I got my Nikon V1 I contacted Ading straight away regarding lessons. I guess I just knew he would be a great teacher. Ading took the time to first meet with me, learn about my camera and what I wanted to achieve with my photos. This was an extremely value experience and he even took the time to come to a camera shop with me to recommend tripods and a camera bag. The lessons I have had with Ading have inspired me and my photos. The best part is that I know I can contact him with questions in the future and he will more than willing to offer his assistance.

I would highly recommend Ading as a photography teacher. Cheers Ading.

Laura Lippert    Kew, Victoria, Australia    Website   

I met Ading through Instagram about a year ago, after meeting with him in person, he saw potential in me and took me under his wing... You could say i was his "first student", he is the best teacher, spending time with me and teaching me all the important things i need to know to be as good as i am today. Ading is now a good friend of mine and my regular 'shooting buddy'. And call me biased, but i would never hesitate to recommend his professional services to anyone in need of a shoot or lessons.

Sarah Hatton - ISO100 Photography    Melbourne, Australia    Website   

I know Ading from Facebook Group NIKONina, all user Nikon in Indonesia. As an Admin on that group, i have 2 thumbs up for Ading's pictures. Hope soon i can meet Ading in real life.

Congrats for your new Website.
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Adhitya a.k.a Pak'de Blangkon    Bekasi, Indonesia    Website   

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